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Get gentle guidance on your current state of mind when you need or want it.



Choose your own journey or follow the included guided course.



Easy listen recordings, go at your own pace with easy action steps and gentle, guided meditations.


Ask Yourself….. Have You Ever Wanted To Access More Knowledge Or Guidance About The Emotion You’re In Right Now, But Didn’t Know Where To Even Begin To Start Looking?

GOYA Central Station will give you access to guidance relevant to many different emotions, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • An App For Guidance On Both iOS and Android
  • Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before.
  • Feeling Great And Want To Stay There? ~ There’s Guidance And Exercises For That!
  • Feeling Blah Or Not Great And Don’t Want To Stay There? ~ There’s Guidance And Exercises For That!


You’re here and you’ve decided that you want to take action, but are not sure where you’d like to start or you’re a little scared about what you might uncover?

We suggest you start in the emotions we’ve all experienced, and that is either in the “Lost” or “Stuck” carriage, on the Lost Train.

We’ve Used The Emotional Guidance Scale (a self-empowering tool developed by Abraham Hicks) To Create This For You!

Each emotion included in Central Stations’ trains and carriages, have been thoroughly researched and this has enabled us to create a simple recording to guide you on this! Simply follow your instinct by choosing a colour that will match your current emotion and choose your own journey, or follow the guided course, or do both!

This is your personal experience and journey, and your journey is private and cannot be seen by anyone else. No judgment, no pressure, your safe place to learn and grow. Perfect for people like us who have always wanted to access something like this, but couldn’t find it anywhere!


Begin Your Step By Step Journey Of Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of Each Emotion And Complete Easy Action Steps To Move You Up The Emotional Guidance Scale Or Keep You Up At The Top End Of The Emotional Guidance Scale.

And You Can Begin In The Next Few Minutes…

Check in With Yourself To Consciously Monitor Which Emotion You’re In!

By becoming aware of, and checking in with your emotional status at any time of any day, you can go on your very own private life journey, all within the privacy of your mind, your mobile device, and your physical space, making it work just for you.

Whether it’s a positive, empowering emotion or negative, disempowering emotion, it is all covered.

Just check in, choose your guidance and press play!

Train 4 – Lost and Stuck Carriage

As a gift from us – if you answered YES to ever feeling Lost and Stuck – please take a few minutes to watch/listen this recording on this exact emotion. If you take no other action today than listen to this and it helps you, please accept it as a gift from us.

And if you ever want to revisit this video here, or share it with someone else you think might need to hear it, feel free to share. Breathe. Enjoy. 


Here’s Everything You Get When You Use GOYA Central Station Supported By The GOYA Life App

Over 150 Total Recordings
Over 75 Emotional Guidance Scale Recordings
29 Action Step Recordings
34 Carefully Selected Meditations For You To Access

A Private Meditation Space
Your Own Wellbeing Monitoring Software
Your Own Goal Setting Software
Your Own Task Setting Accountability Place

Your Own Reminder Software With Push Notifications
Your Private Journal With Unlimited Possibilities
A Calendar Management System
A Private Communication Portal

BONUS Access To “My GOYA Life” Course – some of these lessons are sprinkled throughout GOYA Central Station.

The GOYA Central Station Access Plan

(try it free for 14 days!)


  • Access All Learnings Within Goya Central Station
  • Bonus Lessons
  • Meditations
  • Six Step Course – Moving From Fear To Self Love
  • My Goya Life Course
  • Support.