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We’ve taken the time to answer some of the more commonly asked questions from our subscribers. If you still have a query, please contact us.

What If I’m Scared?

Isn’t it strange that as soon as people start talking or thinking about emotional health or mental wellbeing, we assume that there’s going to be deep, dark times we’ll need to deal with? Considering the language used around this subject is often framed as something is wrong or it’s a bad thing, that would be a reasonable thought.

But what if there isn’t something wrong? What if we just want to gain a deeper understanding of our daily emotions and how to work with them, or want to make feeling good a priority.

And of course there’s the other side.

What if there is something bothering you from the past?

This is why we strongly suggest and guide you to begin right in the middle of the emotional guidance scale, begin with the “Lost” or “Stuck” carriage, dip your toe into the experience and begin in this emotional state that we’ve all felt at one point on our life journey so far. As you experience the recordings, the learnings within, the easy action steps and gentle meditations, you will naturally want to explore more emotions at some point in time. And if you don’t want to explore by yourself, that’s OK too, maybe engage the help of a professional and they can help you through this.

Remember, this is all about YOU and your journey.

What If I’ve Never Meditated?

Have you ever heard the phrase “never forget what it’s like to do something for the first time?”

We’ve built the whole GOYA Central Station experience around this!

With this in mind, we set out to achieve the following with the meditations. (and we succeeded!)

  • Find meditations that are short, have clear guidance, are easy to follow along with and can be done with your eyes open if you choose.
  • Engage someone who has the most amazing voice (Introducing Mr. Tom Fortes-Mayer)
  • Have specifically written music by a movie soundtrack writer, as a background to take you on your own private journey.

How Simple Is The Process?

Here’s an example of a Learning experience… we’ll use the Lost carriage as an example.

Train 4 – The Lost Train

Lost & Stuck Carriage

Listen to the recording (Insert video and the time here – example – 3 mins and 34 secs.)

Action Step – what is it?

You Choose…

  • Let the learning sink in, close of the app and give it some thought.
  • Complete the suggested learning action step

It’s your choice….

Next – let’s say you’ve decided to leave that carriage and when you arrive at another carriage the action step listed is referred to as… Listen to Action Step E – Double Down On Appreciation – here is that recording.

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