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Why GOYA Central Station?

Explore Emotions When You’re Not In Them

Through our experience, we found that if you listen to the lower, less empowering emotions when you’re not “in them,” helps you to better understand what the learnings are about and how they can guide you, should you ever find yourself there.

This also exposes you to the whole range of emotions, enabling you to better understand yourself, and recognize what triggers you. As you go about your daily activities, you are able to consider these emotions from a neutral emotional standpoint, therefore gaining a new perspective.

The same goes for the upper, more empowering, positive trains and emotions, explore, find something that resonates, inspires, and go back there whenever you need to or want to be lifted towards that space.

The Important Credibility Of The Creator Of Goya Central Station.

Introducing Ms. Sharelle Newcombe.

  • Over 35 years experience in the medical fields of Nursing, Paramedicine and business owner working with Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • With a lifelong passion for people and wellbeing, Sharelle was already on an educational quest to find a deeper understanding of how past events can keep us stuck, when she experienced a personal episode of PTSD. This inspired her to seek and create a long term solution, not the usual short term fix that is often experienced in many fields.

Sharelle’s writes…. “The purpose of Goya Central Station is to be a self-empowering and self-healing space, designed to empower every user to take ownership of their emotional wellbeing and be able to live authentic, heart centred lives.”

See Sharelle’s full bio HERE.